Investment Philosophy


Shelbourne Capital’s exceptional investment philosophy applies the belief that higher risk-adjusted returns can be achieved for our investors through the timely identification of unique opportunities and the corresponding implementation of effective tactics and strategies to exploit these opportunities. Through creatively structured strategic solutions, Shelbourne is committed to working toward value maximization for our investors.

Alignment of Shelbourne’s Interest with Investors

Shelboure’s success is defined by the positive results of our investments. The firm is committed to investment excellence and remains focused on delivering value to our investors through our investment products. To maintain a successful relationship between our partners and us, Shelbourne uses transparent and comprehensive reporting.

Strong Fundamental Analysis

Our rigorous analytical approach combined with our experienced team allows Shelbourne to effectively move between various markets and property sectors in order to capitalize on opportunities based on how these sectors respond to various economic and demographic trends.

By synthesizing multiple forms of fundamental data, the Shelbourne team goes far beyond vacancy rates and rental rate growth to compare other critical variables. Through this additional layer of analysis, combined with the strong relationships that Shelbourne’s professionals have established with operators and advisors in local markets, the firm can prioritize our search for opportunities in response to the trends that will ultimately drive property valuations.

Strategic Partnerships

Shelbourne believes that strong and strategic partnerships are critical to the firm’s and our investors’ success. To support that notion, Shelbourne has established joint venture relationships with major operators in each area of our investment focus.

Value Creation

The foundation of Shelbourne Capital’s success is the ability to identify mispriced assets and implement creative strategies that unleash hidden value in assets that the general market has missed. These opportunities often are assets that include extensive development, repositioning, refurbishment, or restructuring and those held in complex ownership structures or owned by distressed or otherwise motivated sellers. We believe that these types of assets offer the greatest opportunity to take advantage of mispriced risk and, in turn, create value for our investors, which is our overall goal.

Intensive Asset Management

In conjunction with our partners, Shelbourne develops detailed asset management strategies as part of our process of investing and overseeing the implementation of a selected strategy. Shelbourne also closely monitors investments with our operating partners, working to continually reassess management strategies and making adjustments where necessary to foster success.