About Us

Shelbourne Capital LLC is a real estate private equity firm focused on high-yield opportunistic investments in commercial real estate throughout the United States.

Since the firm’s creation in 2009 to take advantage of value dislocations in a very volatile post-2008 market, Shelbourne and its affiliates have aggressively expanded and invested in real estate transactions comprising over $700 million in total capitalization. Shelbourne leverages its relationships, knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of potential investments. The firm’s highly experienced team is able to source, structure and finance transactions with the goal of achieving superior, risk-adjusted returns for its investors.

Shelbourne employs thematic and often highly complex strategies to invest in a variety of property types, including senior living, lodging, office, multifamily residential and single family housing. The firm’s expertise and experience allow it to act quickly to underwrite and creatively execute high-yield transactions. Our investors typically include institutional capital partners, family offices and select high net worth individuals.

The firm’s corporate culture is built around a “disciplined contrarian” mindset within an entrepreneurial and collaborative environment.

Our investment philosophy is cultivated through an activist value-added investment style that focuses on acquiring or capitalizing assets that are undervalued, overlooked, complex or mispriced. As a rule we seek out opportunities that have strong demand generators and long-term fundamentals, as well as sustainable cash-on-cash returns with multiple exit strategies.

Our Guiding Principles

Shelbourne’s investment team is comprised of senior professionals with broad-based real estate expertise and a track record of successfully implementing innovative investment strategies. Our background gives us a unique advantage: the ability to identify and pursue opportunities with low relative risk that are unrecognized or underserved by our competitors.

We believe in success through the confluence of several key principles:

  • Alignment of our firm’s interests with our investor constituency.
  • Strong fundamental analysis and a rigorous understanding of the drivers behind each of our investments.
  • Strategic partnerships with strong operators and capital providers.
  • Value creation through creativity and forward thinking.
  • Intensive asset management which brings our business plans to fruition.